It is no secret that student absenteeism is, in many cases, responsible for student failure.  Teachers can’t teach students who are not in the classroom.  We urge you to encourage your child to attend school.  Your child’s attendance at school will greatly depend on how much you value learning.  Your example and encouragement in this matter are paramount.

  • Pupils who are absent must bring a note from home, signed and stating the reason for the absence.

  • Please notify your child’s transportation contact of any absence prior to the scheduled pick up time.

  • A phone call from The Education Academy will be made if a student is absent without notification.

  • Any note from home regarding absence is to be given directly to the teacher.

  • Notes will be kept by the classroom teacher.

  • A note from a doctor is necessary when a pupil has been absent for five or more days, and for a student who has contracted a communicable disease.

  • Children with perfect attendance are recognized each and every month.