The Education Academy believe that all children can learn. Given a supportive environment tailored to the unique needs of special children, we believe each child can experience success. To this end we believe the following:

  • In the development of good citizenship and the promotion of dignity and worth of the individual.

  • In providing experiences which will help all children to develop to the fullest extent their potentialities for useful, purposeful living now, as well as the future.

  • In providing for all youth an education that is suitable to their needs, interests, and abilities, with concern for significant individual differences among them.

  • In providing a sound program of studies as our primary responsibility. We aim to provide such experiences which would be of value now and after completing a formal education.

  • We have a duty in assisting and guiding our students in their academic, personal, and social development so that they will become well-adjusted individuals, conscious of their limitations as well as their capabilities for continual growth.

Educational Outcome Goals

  • To acquire skills in obtaining information, solving problems, thinking critically, and communicating effectively.

  • To acquire the knowledge, skills, and understanding that permit him/her to play a satisfying and responsible role as both producer and consumer, and to acquire knowledge necessary for future education.

  • To acquire the understanding of, and the ability to form, responsible relations with a wide range of other people, including, but not limited to, those with social and cultural characteristics different from his/her own.