Dear Education Academy Family,

Welcome Back to School! As the Director of The Education Academy, it is an honor and a privilege to be a member of such a wonderful educational community that serves your beautiful children.

During the summer program, I have had the pleasure of many interactions with Parents, Districts, and of course – students. From these conversations, it remains clear that there is a partnership between all the school’s stakeholders to provide the best possible academic experience for the students. I look forward to continuing and growing these relationships while working closely with The Education Academy’s exceptional staff to provide an educational experience above and beyond that which the students who come to us have experienced previously in their educational careers. The Education Academy is as unique as your student and will individualize every program so your child can flourish and grow and, most importantly, love coming to a school where they feel comfortable, valued, and understood.

I am a product of private school education and I appreciate the small, structured, caring, and flexible environment it can provide. I am also a true “Jersey Girl” born at “The Shore” and the recipient of my Bachelors in History and Education from Rutgers and my Masters in Educational Leadership from Monmouth University. This school year marks over thirty-two years in education for me. I have been a teacher, supervisor, assistant principal, principal, and school director. I know first-hand what it takes to help every child succeed. Together we can make it happen.

Our greatest initiative will be to provide differentiated learning opportunities for each student and inspire and challenge each student with engaging experiences. We will help your family build an independent and confident student who loves to learn and grow and make friends. Your child will learn respect as he/she will be given respect. It all begins on Tuesday, September 5, 2023. If you do not receive a call or letter regarding your child’s bus transport by the last week in August, please call your school district for the information. We can not wait to see your children’s smiling faces!

Linda A. Phillips