Dear Districts and Community Partners,

The Education Academy has great news. We have expanded our student programming options and will continue to include a 45 Day, Alternate Interim Program (A.I.P.), option for students and their families. This recent NJDOE-approved option will be available for all Pre-K-6th grade students (ages 3-11).

When parents and guardians are advised by their public school district and child study teams that the public school district feels that their child would be better served in an out-of-district placement, it can be a very scary and upsetting thing to digest and understand.

Our hope is that this will be an easier way for your students and their families to “get their feet wet” as they say and see that their public school district has their child’s best interests at heart and that the goal is always for the child to return to the public realm, the least restrictive environment.

If you think this option would work for some of your families, especially those whose children are having difficulty socially and emotionally, making it even more difficult for staff to meet the student’s educational plans, please reach out to discuss this option further. Of course, forty-five days could be the beginning of many opportunities for your students whether it be here, back at the district, or at another out-of-district placement.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Linda A. Phillips