The Education Academy is proud to present our New Transition Plus + Program. The need for this program occurred organically when it became clear that students across the counties we service were missing out on many academic and social activities that mold students into scholars and community-minded young citizens able to be productive and independent.

The Transition Plus + Program allows those students who may not be ready to transition to Public Middle or High school settings when the majority of their peers are able to stay additional time at The Education Academy and focus on those executive functioning skills and academic criteria as well as social awareness to be successful in the larger public setting. At this time this allows for The Education Academy to have ninth (9th) grade students follow their District curriculums with the additional help The Education Academy is known for, along with the services accounted for, in the student’s Individual Education Plan (IEP).

Working closely with the public school districts, students and their families will meet district representatives such as teachers, counselors, coaches, and peers who will assist their students in slowly acclimating to the larger public setting. Students will be participating in classes and/or social clubs and school activities to be with their public school peers. These interactions will be discussed in counseling sessions and reviewed to make them more optimum and beneficial for all parties involved in the future.

The Ocean County Vocational Program will be an integral part of our Transition Plus + Program along with Ocean County College. It is important for The Education Academy to provide access to the future venues for our Transition Plus + students’ futures. Exposure to what is available for our students and their families has always been the key to our success in assisting our students to increase their interests, which are pathways to their future endeavors and careers.