Dear Parents, Guardians, District Representatives, and Community Partners,

The Education Academy would like to thank all of you for your support and assistance in providing academic and therapeutic services to your children during these difficult times the whole world is experiencing.

The Education Academy will be opening for five full days a week of in-person learning on Tuesday, February 16, 2021.  In consultation with the Ocean County Board of Health (OCBOH) and our Pandemic Response Teams as well as Community Partners, we will be continuing what we had done since September of 2020 before the community spread became too close, widespread, and thus very high.  Our school is in the Central East section of the COVID 19 Health matrix used to determine schools’ courses of action.  Of course, we will be continuing deep cleaning and sanitizing, health checks on staff and students daily, social distancing, small cohorts, frequent handwashing breaks, use of sanitizing stations, and mandatory mask-wearing.

I am specifically requesting once again that our parents and guardians speak frankly and honestly with their children about the importance of proper mask-wearing and social distancing.  The students for the most part did very well with compliance, but it has been a long time at home and I would appreciate parental assistance and support for the necessary precautions to keep everyone at The Education Academy safe and healthy,

Further, please remember that if your child exhibits un-well symptoms or has come in contact with others who have tested positive or is awaiting a test themselves, you must contact the school before your child boards that transport to school.  In most of these cases, the school nurse will have your child and family quarantine for at least 10 days to assure that the virus will not spread to the school building.  Your child will be able to participate immediately at school remotely while under quarantine.

Our parents and guardians help and support of the measures necessary to assure safety and health at school is crucial to allowing the school to remain open and servicing your children in the most optimum way possible.  Together we can protect each other.  Three major and basic rules must be followed to attend school-mask wearing, social distancing, and good hygiene with frequent hand-washing.

I can not wait to see all our students walk through the doors of The Education Academy once again ready to learn and appreciate what the future can be when we all work hard together to attain goals.  The writing of this letter was my big goal these past few weeks.  With your help, I can fulfill my new goal starting Tuesday, February 16, 2021-Keeping everyone I hold dear-especially my staff and students safe and well.  Thank You…

Linda A. Phillips, Executive Director