School Year 2019/2020

ATTN:  Child Study Team Members — Case Managers, Special Education Directors and Assistant Superintendents of Special Education


The Education Academy wants to remind you of our Transition Program.  Now the important fact to note is that this program is not new.  We have been successfully transitioning students back to the public school districts for over 27 years. Please read on to understand a little of how we approach this sending district goal.

Your student’s transition planning begins directly at intake where parents are informed that we work closely with all the stakeholders involved with their child — family, district, Child Study Team, service providers, and our staff to create a plan and eventually execute a systematic transition program.

The Education Academy staff also accompanies students to visits back to district to help answer any questions stakeholders have and to make recommendations to ensure student success.

Transition planning deserves time and attention.  A well-planned transition program helps parents and students have greater peace of mind by taking some of the stress out of the process and ensuring groundwork is in place for a successful school assimilation.

We look forward to serving your district and providing them all the tools they need — coping skills, life skills, social and emotional awareness, strong self-esteem and self-respect and, of course, a strong desire to learn and work hard.

If you have any questions or have a student and family that could use our help, we are here to be part of your team.  Give us a call.


Linda A. Phillips