Dear Parents and Guardians,

An issue has come up during our Education Academy remote learning.  Some of our parents have taken the liberty of recording and/or videotaping the zoom or therapeutic sessions, either individual or group.  Although I believe the intent was well-meaning for review with their child as practice or re-enforcement, It is my duty as the school administrator to inform you that it is not allowed in the state of New Jersey especially without the consent of all parties involved.  All such recordings and tapings are considered educational records that fall under the laws of confidentiality and ownership.

Further, please know that any lessons created by or implemented by staff are the sole property of The Education Academy and may not be reused or reprinted in any form unless done so by a member of The Education Academy board-approved staff.  Also, please know that our families and students’  confidentiality must be protected, not only by the laws and eyes of the governing bodies of the state of New Jersey but also in the signed and filed parental paperwork for admission to our program.

Thank you for your time in reading this important letter.  This adventure we are all on, although a disconcerting one, has been a bit easier because we worked together to provide to the best extent possible a safe and solid educational and therapeutic experience for our children.

So, please put cameras down and turn the recording devices off and focus on the here and now and your child’s continued safety and emotional well-being.  I appreciate your understanding in this important matter


Linda A. Phillips
Executive Director