First, I wish all our fellow educators, service partners and parents and guardians well during this new and unprecedented reality for education.

I have notified the State Department of Education and our special education advocate leaders at ASAH with my concerns regarding scheduled and yet to be scheduled IEP meetings.

These IEP meetings are very important for our parents and their children. In order to afford them the respect and time they deserve, The Education Academy will be re-scheduling all and focusing all our strengths, time and expertise in providing a continuation of all services to our students through our various distance learning platforms and personal individual contact. (Please note that New Jersey State Code allows for current Individual Education Plans to remain effective until such time new ones are implemented.)

Our first day for distance learning was Monday, March 16th which we called “Student and Parent Orientation”. We should all be proud of our parents as they could not have been more understanding, appreciative, cooperative and thankful for our due diligence at this time and assistance. As you could surmise, many of our parents and family members are now without work and a paycheck right now.

I would like to share what one of our young students decided to do to start his distance learning day. Dylan is a young autistic student who thrives with structure. He woke up, located on YoutTube the Pledge of Allegiance and the Star-Spangled-Banner song and played both as he recited along with the video-complete with marching steps as he has done since September in his class. His mom videoed and forwarded it to all. This is what is important during this difficult and stressful time for all. I cried by this simple gesture of respect for all his educators.

We as educators provide students daily with a much-needed structure, and creative ideas to provide for students’ academic, social, and emotional growth.

I on behalf of our school and staff will be providing all we can for our students and we all with full hearts wish you all to be well.

Our website will be updated as our new reality progresses and evolves.


Linda A. Phillips
Executive Director