Updated: 8/19/2020
Our full reopening plan is now available. Click here to download.

Dear Parents and Guardians,

It is hard to believe we are completing the second week of the Extended School Year Program.  On behalf of the entire staff, we thank you for your continued support and look forward to being back together in our beautiful school building for the Fall.

The Education Academy in compliance with the New Jersey Governor’s office and the New Jersey Department of Education, The Ocean County Department of Health and the CDC has made plans to open the school building in September. The students’ first day of school, Wednesday, September 9, 2020, will now follow the Staff and Student Orientation on Tuesday.  An updated school calendar is included with this letter for your reference.  Prior to opening, we will provide our parents and guardians access to a video of the inside of the school building with a couple of sample classrooms to illustrate the new configurations throughout the entire building, necessary to allow for social distancing, and a focus on the signage that is posted inside and outside of the facility.  No Visitors will be allowed to the building without an appointment and all meetings, including IEP meetings with all our sending districts, will be done virtually and remotely until further notice to eliminate unnecessary population in the building and help to stop any spread of contagion within our building.  All approved visitors will require masks and must submit to a temperature check to assure safety and health to the best extent possible.

All students will be issued two Blue Education Academy bandanas that are lightweight, breathable, and washable.  We recommend you keep one of these bandanas home and handwash with soap and water the other upon return from school.  Students will be required to wear masks when social distancing is compromised such as walking in the hallways to use the restroom.  Restroom breaks and frequent handwashing breaks will be part of your child’s regular schedule.  We ask that you assist your child with understanding the importance of mask-wearing at this time particularly when asked by staff in school to do so, as well as the importance of proper handwashing.

The following school policies have been amended to assist with meeting current state health requirements and procedures:

  • No Backpacks
  • No Cell Phones or Electronic Devices
  • No heat-up lunches
  • All lunches, snacks, and drinks must be provided in a disposable bag
  • No items from home brought into the building except the following: School Blue Communication Folder, Disposable Lunch Bag, and school-provided Water Bottle and Bandana

Any additional mandates or requirements will be passed along as soon as we are informed.

Finally, as you all know The Education Academy does not provide transportation for your children to and from school.  However, we will do all we can to assure that proper social distancing through seating charts is followed as well as enforce mask-wearing by all on the bus.  We will also work to see that transportation vehicles have proper ventilation where possible, without compromising safety.  With all this, it is suggested and supported by The Education Academy team that wherever possible the parent/guardian or their delegate personally drive students to school.

The Education Academy wants nothing more than to help assure parents and guardians peace of mind.  Stay well my beautiful Education Academy Families.  We all will continue to be proud to work and stand together as we always have for the students and their families’ best interests.


Linda A. Phillips
Executive Director